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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are committed to serving you during these uncertain times. Our staff is available via phone, email and virtual meetings during normal business hours. If you have any questions, please reach out to your RCG advisor or call 407‑422‑0252.

In 1988, CEO and Founder Mike Davis set out to create a firm that would serve as a financial resource to his clients and push against conventional investment management. He knew there had to be a better way.

At Resource Consulting Group, we believe that better way is more than just an academic approach to investing. It’s our focus on our clients’ best interests and overall wellbeing. Decades later, our purpose remains the same. We are fiduciaries and you are why we exist.

Office Hours Notice

Resource Consulting Group will be closed Friday, April 2, in observance of the Good Friday holiday.


In the News

Podcast | Your Brain On Money: How to Make Better Financial Decisions

On episode 23 of the Investors First Podcast, Resource Consulting Group Co-Chief Investment Officer Frank Garcia, CFA, interviews Dr. Daniel Crosby, a licensed psychologist who provides a unique lens into decision-making around money.

Featured Article

Roth IRAs: Could You Benefit from a Conversion?

Roth conversion questions are bubbling up with the concern that personal tax rates will be higher in the future. While we can’t predict when taxes may go up, they are certainly the lowest they’ve been in many years. So, it’s natural to wonder: What circumstances might make a Roth conversion beneficial? read more

Mar 01 2021
Making Sense of Bitcoin
Bitcoin is now the hot topic of conversation after taking a backseat to GameStop and Reddit a few weeks ago. Bitcoin recently traded higher than $50,000 per coin!
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Jan 29 2021
Stop Chasing Shortcuts
“This One Simple Trick Makes Everything Faster and Easier.” That was the title of a blog post by author Seth Godin in September 2019. How many times have you seen a headline like that, especially on social media platforms?
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