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In 1988, CEO and Founder Mike Davis set out to create a firm that would serve as a financial resource to his clients and push against conventional investment management. He knew there had to be a better way.

At Resource Consulting Group, we believe that better way is more than just an academic approach to investing. It’s our focus on our clients’ best interests and overall wellbeing. Decades later, our purpose remains the same. We are fiduciaries and you are why we exist.

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Podcast | Your Brain On Money: How to Make Better Financial Decisions

On episode 23 of the Investors First Podcast, Resource Consulting Group Co-Chief Investment Officer Frank Garcia, CFA, interviews Dr. Daniel Crosby, a licensed psychologist who provides a unique lens into decision-making around money.

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Roth IRAs: Could You Benefit from a Conversion?

Roth conversion questions are bubbling up with the concern that personal tax rates will be higher in the future. While we can’t predict when taxes may go up, they are certainly the lowest they’ve been in many years. So, it’s natural to wonder: What circumstances might make a Roth conversion beneficial? read more

Jul 15 2021
Quarterly Commentary, Q2 2021
The second quarter saw continued strength in equity markets. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) led the way, returning 12.84% (per the Wilshire REIT Index). This was followed by the S&P 500, returning 8.55%...
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Jun 07 2021
Is It Time for Inflation Risk?
There has never been a shortage of controversial financial topics making headlines, and today is no different. Current newsmakers include cryptocurrencies, GameStop, SPACs, and nonfungible tokens. However, the item that concerns most prudent investors is the recent rise in inflation.
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Apr 12 2021
Quarterly Commentary, Q1 2021
The first quarter saw equity markets continue their strong run following the lows reached just over a year ago. Domestic small and small value stocks led the way again this quarter, returning 12.70% and 21.17%, respectively (per the Russell 2000 / 2000 Value).
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