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Over the years we have authored these articles to share with our clients and friends. We think they are like an old favorite movie that you will want to see again and again. Please feel free to make copies and share with your friends. Looking for an older article? See our Article Archive.

Stay Fully Invested

Market timing adds uncertainty, reduces efficiency, and increases taxes and costs. Thus, it reduces the probability of achieving long-term goals. Systematically adhering to an investment policy uses the opportunities inherent in appropriate asset classes to maximize the probability that you will achieve your goals.
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Have an Appropriate Allocation to Equities

One of the most important investment decisions an individual can make is the determination of an appropriate allocation to equities. Popular beliefs have always and continue to label bonds as a “safer” investment than equities. History demonstrates...
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Escape from The Success Paradox

The Success Paradox described the misery that high income can sometimes bring. Escaping this paradox can be very simple and easy to do. Unfortunately, most people make it very complicated and difficult to do.
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The Success Paradox

If we define success in life as achieving a sense of peace and happiness, many economically successful people are not successful. Is this because money cannot buy happiness?
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Mutual Funds versus Separate Accounts

Mutual funds have become tremendously popular over the past two decades.  Their efficiency and simplicity have been a boon for investors.  Recently, the popularity of separate accounts has seen resurgence.  Many articles have been written claiming that separate accounts are…

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Articles Archive

2013 The Next 25 Years – An Unwavering Commitment to You – November 2013 1941 by – August 2013 Dispelling Individual Bond Myths – June 2013 Believing What We Want to Believe – February 2013 2012 New 401(k) Rules Shed Light on…

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