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A healthy retirement plan should be simple to manage, provide a prudent and effective investment approach and focus on employee participation. In addition, a well built retirement plan should operate in an efficient and transparent fee environment to help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Is your retirement plan working for you and your employees?
  • Do you fully understand your fiduciary responsibilities?

What does all this mean for you and your employees? It means experiencing an environment where education takes precedence over promotion and where investment strategies are based on academic research rather than Wall Street rhetoric.

Resource Consulting Group’s client centered approach will address your company’s unique retirement plan needs including:


We know you want to focus on running your company, not your retirement plan. As your retirement plan team leader, Resource Consulting Group has solutions to simplify plan management for you and your staff.

Plan Wellness

A healthy retirement plan focuses on increasing employee participation and motivating participants to adequately fund their accounts to ensure income replacement at retirement.

Fiduciary Assurance

Resource Consulting Group can serve as your plan’s ERISA section 3(38) Investment Fiduciary allowing plan sponsors to reduce their fiduciary liability by delegating investment selection and monitoring to Resource Consulting Group. We are the first firm in the State of Florida to hold the CEFEX certification for fiduciary excellence.

Investment Strategies

Resource Consulting Group’s custom investment portfolios combine practical investing strategies with solid academic research. Investment portfolios ensure participant diversification and simplify the participant’s investment experience.

Transparency of Fees

As a “fee only” investment advisory firm, we do not accept revenue sharing from outside sources which avoids potential conflicts of interest.

Broad Resources

Our clients have access to the expertise of our entire Wealth Management Team which includes CPA’s, MBA’s, CFP’s and two attorneys.