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“I’m Melting, I’m Melting!!!”

The wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz screeched this infamous line at the climax of the movie, and we were all relieved as she evaporated, leaving behind nothing but her black hat. But unlike film viewers, many gold investors won’t be rejoicing when this precious metal starts to melt down.
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Gold - What We Are Thinking

During times of extreme uncertainty and fear, investors are drawn to gold. In prior centuries, gold was the globally-accepted source of power and wealth for kings, empires and aristocrats. As children we read stories and watched movies about gold...
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To Wade or Plunge?

Jeff Troutner of TAM Asset Management coined the terms “wade” and “plunge” for investing a sum of capital slowly over time or all at once. The wading approach has historically been known as dollar-cost-averaging. Proponents of wading view plunging as reckless and argue wading is much more sensible for the risk-adverse investor. Proponents of plunging believe that wading reduces returns more often than it increases them.
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