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China's Bear Market

The recent severe volatility in China’s mainland markets has raised questions among many investors about the causes of the market downturn in China and the wider implications for the global economy and markets. The Shanghai Composite Index more than doubled…

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Include Value Stocks

The fundamental axiom of modern portfolio theory is that risk and return are related. Investment strategy is defined as the science of capturing the maximum return at a stated level of risk. The asset class of value stocks represents a distinctive risk for which we expect compensation. When the risk and return characteristics of value stocks are blended with other asset classes, the result is a diversification benefit. Therefore, including value stocks in a broadly diversified portfolio is expected to increase return while reducing risk.
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Include Small Cap Stocks

There are only two reasons to add an asset class to your portfolio. Either you want it to reduce risk or you want it to add return. Adding small cap stocks to a portfolio of large cap stocks can do both. Small cap stocks have provided returns with a different performance pattern than large cap stocks. In addition, small cap stocks have...
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Use Only Short Term Bonds

At Resource Consulting Group, we believe in using strictly short-term bonds in building the fixed income portion of portfolios. To explain why, we must begin by asking, “Why do we invest in bonds in the first place?”
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Have an Appropriate Allocation to Equities

One of the most important investment decisions an individual can make is the determination of an appropriate allocation to equities. Popular beliefs have always and continue to label bonds as a “safer” investment than equities. History demonstrates...
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